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By participating the pass the Clinical Preparation Nursing Exam Workshop we are offering in Fremont, Michigan you will be able to leave the testing center with a pass certificate in your hand for the Clinical Performance Nursing Exam! After completing your nursing classes at Excelsior College of Albany, New York, take one of  our clinical prep workshops presented by a Registered Nurse and Excelsior graduate. Go prepared go confident!  Visit our Workshop Page to learn more about Linda’sCPNEworkshop of Michigan and the pass the CPNE® exam study program we offer.

CPNE Testing Expense Overview

The  4 day Clinical Performance in Nursing  Examination (CPNE®) Exam itself is an expensive undertaking. Lodging, food, travel expenses to the exam site, white uniforms and the cost of the CPNE® exam can total over $3,000. If you don’t pass the first time you would have to be willing to spend another $3,000 to try a second time for a total of over $6,000. Most students do not have that kind of money to spend. They often do not have the ability to take off that much time to go a second time. So why take the chance of failing? Our 4 day CPNE® Workshop will give you everything you need to pass the first time AND enjoy a small student to trainer ratio with the average class being made up of 4 to 6 people.

Take our Michigan Clinical Performance Nursing Exam Workshop and you can go prepared and go confident that you will pass.

CPNE® Testing Format

Here is the description of the Clinical Performance Nursing Examination take directly from the Excelsior College located in Albany New York’s website ( )

Exam Title: Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNEV)


The CPNE® is a skill-based assessment designed to measure a student’s ability to demonstrate the expected behaviors and skills of a beginning-level associate-prepared nurse. The exam evaluates a student’s application of the nursing process and nursing-practice technical components in the care of adults and children who are experiencing potential, actual, and/or recurring health problems requiring maintenance and restorative interventions. Critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning, use of knowledge from nursing and related disciplines, effectiveness of interventions, and standards of care are measured in this exam.  Excelsior College expects 100% accuracy as they are set at a minimum acceptable level based on the national Standards of practice. For more details please visit the Exam Details Page at Excelsior’s website by clicking here.

Excelsior Website – Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Page click here.

Disclaimer: The CPNE Workshop of Michigan is not affiliated with Excelsior College (EC). Students are advised to contact EC Directly with any concerns or eligibility requirements of their proposed degree. Visit for contact information.


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